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LordMinion777, or Wade, is a longtime member of Vox Populi, friend of MarkiplierGAME, and mayor of Justitia. He runs a YouTube channel under the same name and appears in the Drunk Minecraft series. He is dating Foxtrot4T4, or Molly. They met and became a couple thanks to Latin Goddess o
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n the Vox Populi server.


Wade joined Vox Populi when he was 23. He soon found love and friends and, despite the growing fame because of his channel and Mark's channel, decided to stick around and make Vox Populi his home. He has an ongoing series about the server called Minecraft Nation Building. He has the rank of Justicar, along with Molly, and together they help people in the server and their town while still finding time to have fun playing together.

Server AccomplishmentsEdit

Originally Wade and Molly led the town of Terra_Adsignatos, where their immense castle was built and a town grew up around it. After beginning an enormous project, the recreation of the Roman Colosseum, the server moved to a new map and they founded a new town, Justitia, in the Veritas Realm. The Colosseum and castle moved with them, and a new wonder, the Elizabeth Cathedral, was built. The cathedral models Notre Dame and has featured the minecraft weddings of Latin and Zombie, Molly and Wade, and many more. Justitia now holds over 30 residents and is expanding daily. The Colosseum is making big strides towards completion, and many friends have helped and been made along the way.
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LordMinion777 in front of the Elizabeth Cathedral

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