One of the most unique features on Vox Populi's servers are the dungeons. These are available on both the Diamond and Emerald realms and are set up similar to the boss fights at the Dark Cavern (/warp Cavern).

The goal is for players to fight through a series of obstacles and mobs all while defeating bosses along the way to make if out the other side. Each dungeon has a unique map, roll, and difficulty.

Typing /help dungeons into chat will list the dungeons as well as their warp commands. Typing /dungeons will display all the dungeons and the amount of bosses still alive in the dungeons.

Dungeon help

The Crypts Edit

The Crypt is an easy dungeon. Its portal can be found in the castle near downtown Valeria Beach. It can also be reached using the command '/warp crypt'.

Sunken Swamp Edit

The Sunken Swamp is an easy dungeon. Its portal can be found in the sewers under Valeria Beach. It can also be reached using the command '/warp sunkenswamp'.

Valeria Beach Sewers Edit

VB Sewers03:29

VB Sewers

/warp vbs

Hidden underneath Valeria_Beach in the bowels of the sewers exists a threat so dangerous the citizens of Vox must stop at nothing to defeat its power!

Shifting SandsEdit

Shifting Sands02:15

Shifting Sands

/warp shiftingsands

Hidden in an ancient temple lives beings of such malice, they'll stop at nothing to keep their reign of terror alive!

Icy Hollow Edit

/warp icyhollow

Fight for your life before you freeze!

Blackholme Edit

BoxTar Adventures! Blackholme!20:21

BoxTar Adventures! Blackholme!

/warp Blackholme

Sneak into the facility and defeat the notorious Captain Skyhook who's invaded Vox to claim it for his own!

Sanctum of Nightmares Edit

Sanctum of Nightmares-001:39

Sanctum of Nightmares-0

/warp Sanctum

Come face to face with what we all fear, DEATH

Citadel of Severed Horrors Edit

The Citadel is a hard dungeon. It can be reached by using the command '/warp citadel'.

The Hive Edit

The Hive06:19

The Hive

/warp Hive

You have stumbled across the nest of the spiders of Vox. You must fight through the torrents of spiders and defeat the queen in hopes of stopping their menacing lives!

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